About J&I

Here to inspire your next adventure, around the world or to your fridge for more champagne. No judgment.

My name is Sedona, I'm a marketing undergraduate and content creator from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Juniper and Indigo is my passion project, born from a love of traveling, trying new things (mostly gelato flavors), and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. I'm constantly looking for travel guides about places I'm going next, and I figured it was my turn to contribute. 

I love eating (order matters here), hiking, photography, and collaborating with other awesome creative people. I'm also a vegetarian-slowly-turning-vegan who cares quite a bit about the planet and sustainability. I'm constantly trying to become a more conscious consumer and educate myself about my impact on the planet and its inhabitants (human and otherwise). That will be an underlying theme of this blog as I try to provide recipes, travel tips, and more that support ethical consumerism. 

I love to connect and am always looking for suggestions on what to improve or new ideas to write on. If you're traveling someplace and need a travel guide, or want a brunch recipe to impress this weekend, OR just want to shoot me a link to your own awesome blog, connect with me here

See ya around!