10 Products to Look Refreshed After a Long-Haul Flight


Happy New Year's everyone! In Minnesota our NYE was exactly -11 degrees. So I'm so psyched to be leaving TODAY for a "balmy" Paris stay. (It'll be 50 degrees. Pretty much tropical.) After seven days in Paris I'm headed to Venice for two days, then Florence for seven, then Madrid for five. My flight out is eight hours long, and we land in Paris at 7:30 am. Obviously, upon landing I want to be ready to *traipse* around the city, eating pain and fromage and drinking as much champagne as one can find before noon. And after noon. Basically I'm allocating the majority of my food budget in Paris to champagne. 

But anyways, in order to properly traipse around Paris, looking sufficiently Parisian, I can't look like I, well, just got off an eight hour flight. There are a few products you can include in your carry-on to make sure you're looking refreshed and ready to explore a new city after your international/long-haul flight. 


1. WATER!! 

Obviously. Planes are so dry, the remedy better than any skin product is good ol' water. I bring at least a liter and hydrate throughout the flight. A better person might tell you to avoid alcohol on planes, seeing as it will further dehydrate you. I am not that person. I enjoy a glass of sauv blanc or bubbly at 36,000 ft. Sue me. 

2. Essential Oils

Not necessarily a product to make you look refreshed, but I am such a proponent of essential oils. I bring a calming one (like lavender) for take-off and relaxing in-flight, and a refreshing one (like lemon or orange) for landing.  

3. Sleep Mask

Especially if you have a day-time flight. A silk sleeping mask is on my wish list, but for now I'm just using a cotton one. Sleeping on flights is so important! I used to stay awake through them, but you look SO tired and worn out the next day, plus your jet lag is even worse. 

4. Lip Moisturizer 

I don't care what fancy, $40 lip moisturizer or masks you show me, I will always swear by Aquaphor. It's cheap and incredibly moisturizing and you can find it at literally any drugstore. Done deal. 

5. Cleansing Towelettes 

I never recommend using cleansing towelettes at home, unless you wash your face afterwards (which defeats the point of using them) because they leave a thin residue on your skin. But on a plane, they're your best bet, and I'm loving these Korres Truth on the Glow wipes. They're good for all skin types, cruelty-free, with vitamin C and jojoba to brighten skin. I especially love that you can get them in a small size (10 wipes) for $8, because I basically only use them on long-haul flights and don't need a huge amount. 

6. Moisturizer

Bring your normal face moisturizer to use after cleansing. I use to have pretty oily skin, but since I started using a retinoid for acne it's much drier. I still use Acure Mattifying moisturizer ($19) and it's my favorite. I use Mario Badescu Chamomile Eye Moisturizer ($18) as well. Mario Badescu is one of my fav brands for skincare because of how affordably priced, but still high-quality, their products are.

7.  Eye Masks

I'll get into the order of how I use these products a little later, but I also bring eye masks for extra moisture. You could use a normal face mask as well, but I think eye masks are easier and less messy to use, less obvious, and still target the most important area: your undereyes. There are not many kinds of bags you want to lose during travel, but undereye bags are definitely one of them. Tarte Pack Your Bags 911 Undereye Rescue Patches, $22 (say that 10x fast) are my favorite cruelty-free option. 

8. Portable Toothbrush/Toothpaste

Such a small thing, that makes such a big difference in feeling refreshed and clean. 

9. Makeup 

I bring just enough makeup for a classy, timeless look that doesn't take much effort, given the circumstances. In this instance, I wanted clean brows and a bold red lip (because add a black turtleneck and trench coat and what could be more Parisian). I brought foundation, setting powder, eyebrow gel and tinted cream, mascara, and lipstick. 

10. Facial Spray 

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater, $7, you need it. This is SO REFRESHING. And luxurious. And $7.



This is just my personal routine for an overnight flight.

1. Wear light makeup to airport. Basically just foundation and mascara.

2. Before going to sleep on the plane use cleansing wipe to remove makeup and put on your regular night-time skincare products. For me this includes a retinoid, moisturizer, and eye cream. (Products listed above)

3. When you wake up, a few hours before landing, put on your eye masks and chill out for about 45 minutes (it says 10-15, but I like 45). Listen to a podcast (I'm obsessed with Guys We F***** right now, it's vulgar and hilarious) or watch an episode of Netflix (might I recommend Alias Grace?). Take off your eye masks, rub remaining product into your sin, and spritz face with rosewater spray. Boom, skin feels amazing. 

4. Put on makeup and a coat of red lipstick and you are Paris ready. 


1. I use Tarte BB Tinted 12-hour Primer, followed by Nyx Total Control foundation. Then I apply a super light layer of blush, and finish with a setting powder.

2. I use Nyx Tame & Frame tinted brow pomade, and Nyx mascara (whichever one I own at the moment). 

3. Finish with red lipstick. I use Nyx liquid suede (Are you sensing a pattern with the products here? Pretty much every piece of makeup I own is either Nyx or Tarte), and I use a bright red in the center of my lips and a darker red (both pictured above) to line the outer edges, then I blend. This adds dimension and makes your lips look fuller. 

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