20 Best Spots to Eat in Paris


Twenty essential restaurants in Paris, including a section for patisseries because they deserve a category of their own. Having an idea of where you want to eat is especially important in Paris, where it's as easy to pay 12 euros for a sub-par sandwich as it is to get an amazing gourmet dish for the same price. I'm a vegetarian, so as always any restaurants on this list will have at least a few vegetarian options, and great ambience bc aesthetics are everything :-) 

Considering doing a separate post for the top vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Paris, what do you think? 

1. Fulgurances

Beautiful airy atmosphere and a great place to go if you like to try new things. This restaurant serves as an incubator for up-and-coming chefs, which means the menu is always rotating to reflect the current chef's specialties. 

2. Bouillon Racine

This restaurant has a very unique and very French interior, and so much history. Located in the Latin Quarter for over 100 years, this restaurant is where I went multiple times with my class and was very accommodating for vegetarians, with more veg options on the menu than most French restaurants. Not to be dramatic, but the creme brûlée was life-changing. 

3. Septime

If you are going to do a prix-fixe menu in Paris, do it here. A four-course lunch menu for 42 euros is a steal for someone watching their budget. They'll gladly accommodate vegetarians. 

4. La Bellevilloise

Sunday Brunch with live jazz. Need I say more. (if I need say more, they also serve Café Gourmand paired with an espresso martini.) 

5. Holy Belly

Since we're on the topic of brunch... Holy Belly might not necessarily be "authentic French" (it's owned by Australians and all of the staff speak English), they have world famous pancakes served with bourbon butter, so. Yeah. 

6. Le Consulat

This restaurant can be a bit of a tourist destination, but for good reason. Located in the beautiful neighborhood of Montmartre and too picturesque not to visit. 

7. La Maison Rose

What I just said, x2. You've more than likely seen this spot on Instagram. It's also located in Montmartre, and it's adorable pink facade is hard to mistake. 

8. Frenchie Wine Bar

An extensive wine list, a beautiful and cozy brick interior, and a menu that has me booking my next flight back. Their wine bar menu has a great selection of vegetarian dishes (take this with a grain of salt, because the average French restaurant has around zero veg entrees).

9. Breizh Café

Sweet crepes!!! Savory crepes!!! I can't believe I've gotten this far down the list without the mention of crepes, my very favorite French food. Shocker, but they just aren't the same in Minnesota. An added plus - the page long list of pear and apple hard ciders. 

10. Au Passage

A charismatic and charming wine bar with a definite personality. It's a bustling little spot tucked away in an alley with over 200 hand-selected wines. 

11. Le Bonaparte

Read this slowly: they have apple and brie crepe chips. Le Bonaparte is a perfectly French spot where you can sit outside and sip your café au lait while you watch the Parisians pass. Also located in a very walkable area with many great shops. 

12. Restaurant Astier

The star here is the cheese plate. Although plate is not necessarily a representative word. A giant, truly impressive cheese (board? selection? array?) of creamy camembert, gooey brie, and about 16 other options. 

13. L'as du Fallafel

Falafel? In Paris? Yes. Falafel is having a moment in Paris right now and rest assured that L'as du Fallafel is worth the sometimes intimidating line down the street. This is also a great spot to catch a cheap bite to eat if you don't feel like shelling out quite so many euros. 


14. Angelina

Angelina has been creating pastries that are almost too beautiful to eat since 1903. Key word almost. 

15. Pierre Hermé

The macarons may be the star of the show here, but don't pass up the pain au chocolat. All Pierre Hermé's creations are super luxurious, but the staff are incredibly friendly. 

16. Jacques Genin

For someone obsessed with the aesthetics of a place (it has to be as 'grammable as it is good amiright), Jacques Genin wins. They have a beautiful airy loft where the pastries come straight from the "lab" upstairs. 

17. Carl Marletti

This patissier cares so much about the freshness of his pastries, he uses pistachio paste from Sicily and mans the counter of his own store on Sundays. 

18. Ladurée

Ah, famous Ladurée. Although there are smaller Ladurée displays all over Paris (there's even one in Versailles), go to the one in Place Vendôme. The store is incredible, the selection of macarons is huge, and they have an adorable macaron cart out front that makes for a great photo op, just sayin'. If you're feeling particularly opulent, do what we did and stop in for a drink at the Ritz Paris just down the street. 

Photo courtesy of  Carette

Photo courtesy of Carette

19. Carette

This patisserie is just so wonderfully Parisian. You can sit outside and enjoy people-watching while you enjoy a pastry like the one pictured above. 

20. Du Pain et Des Idées

Make the trek to this spot if only to try the famous escargot bun - a heavenly rolled up flaky pastry filled with pistachio goodness. 

What's your favorite spot to eat in Paris? Let me know in the comments :)